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Facebook Ads Services

Make Your Brand Memorable With Facebook Ads services

The Facebook ads services is a mode of digital marketing involving the utilization of Facebook as a platform for boosting brand awareness and enhancing quality lead generation. Facebook is a giant social media network platform. With the advent of technology, Facebook ads are improving its user experience and it has also emerged successfully as one of the smart and cost-effective variants of social media marketing.

As one of the widely used digital marketing tools, Facebook Marketing services involve furnishing the brand's business and services to your desired community. Facebook Advertising services are highly efficient in terms of result orientation. In simple words, the Facebook ads services provide the paid posts that brand owners use to promote their services and products via Facebook operation by users.

Through Facebook ads services, your target audience would have the required market awareness of your business. As a reputed Facebook ad management services provider, NineGrapes takes care of your brands’ needs for Facebook ads.

We follow a multi-pronged approach involving educating and attracting your target community to subscribe to the services or buy products from your business.

Types of Facebook Ads Services: Explained

There are different types of Facebook Ads available for your business to benefit from.

  • Image Ads:- Image ads are a basic and simple tool for Facebook ads. These ads contain all the details of the campaign ad in a still form. The image includes an attractive idea for the promotion of your business.
  • Video Ads:- Video ad is an engaging and attractive tool for spreading your brand awareness. These ads include a short video ad showing a pleasing animation of brand-specific ideas.
  • Collection Ads:- The collection ads are useful for advertising a wide range of your business products. In the collection ads, different products of a category are shown that can boost lead generation and sales.
  • Slideshow Ads:- The slideshow ads are easy to swipe. These ads give a condensed and detailed product description for our client's brand or business.
  • Story Ads:- This is a small form of a video clip. The story ads draw instant attention to the target audience of our client's business. These ads may also include emojis to reach the community.
  • Messenger Ads:-Messenger ads appear in the inbox of Facebook users. The advantage of these ads is that they make their presence directly to the relevant audience in a quick manner.

Advantages of the Facebook Ads services

There are many benefits of Facebook Ads for your business that can impact the sales result effectively.

  • Cost-Effective:- Facebook ads services are usually less costly than the other platforms of digital marketing tools like Google Adwords and LinkedIn. The Facebook ads services yield more results than the cost incurred.
  • Immediate Results:- The results obtained from the consultation with the Facebook advertising company yield effective results. Facebook advertising services are only most effective if you do not expect visible results too early and rather give enough time for the Facebook ad to run. The company should wait more than two hours to have a rough idea about the performance of the Facebook ad.
  • Extending the target audience:- The Facebook ads services dramatically increase the bandwidth of the target audience. As a result, the range of the target audience widens, leading to the enhanced engagement of potential buyers for your business.
  • Boosted leads generation and conversion:- Studies indicate that Facebook ad management services give better management of followers, leads and conversion. This factor ultimately increases sales and revenue for brands.

Process of running a Facebook ad

NineGrapes is the next-generation Facebook advertising company. Here is how we run a Facebook ad for our clients in a step-by-step process.

  • Begin with a Facebook account:- The brand's Facebook account usually gets a personal ad account ID by default from Facebook. We handle your business ID from the Ads manager so that you can focus on other strategic business tasks.
  • Making a Facebook page for the business:- After payment verification, the Facebook ads expert makes a new page for the business or acts as an admin of another business. The expert needs to take permission to act as an admin for another business page. For this scenario, Facebook ads operation requires a Business Manager account.
  • Choose the objective of your Facebook ad campaign:- This step involves brainstorming and innovative ideations. The objective of the Facebook ad campaign should be within the ambit of the niche of our client's business. At NineGrapes, we specialize in coming up with brilliant ideas for your social media ads.

Facebook Analytics-based measurement and result tracking:

There are some key performance indicators in Facebook analytics. These key performance indicators give an idea for measuring the progress of the Facebook Ad's performance whether it is underperformed or moderately performed. With proper analytics-based measurement and the ability to track results, our experts can provide enough insight into your campaign’s performance.

  • Facebook Ads services are equipped with a comprehensive Page Insights tool. Thus, our team analyzes the Facebook page as a whole and generates ideas to devise some improved posts.
  • Likes and Dislikes:- As the name suggests, Likes indicate the number of people that your ad attracted. The "Net likes" indicate the overall result of the addition of new likes and dislikes daily. Using certain options on the page, we can compare the average performance of your ads daily or weekly to help improve post quality.
  • Reach:- ‘Reach’ indicates the popularity of a Facebook Ad. The reach of Facebook ads depends upon their visibility in the news feed. The concept is, The greater the number of likes, shares and comments, the higher the possibility of its display in the top result of the news feed. On the other hand, the greater the number of 'spam' and 'hide this post' options, the less the possibility of its presence in the top results of the news feed.
  • Page views:- The page views signify the sub-section of the page where the user navigates most and reaches. Tracking page views enables us to help your brand know what is working for it.
  • Posts:- The "posts" is the most useful key performance indicator. The posts section is crucial for scheduling social media activities and maintenance of the social media post calendar. The "posts" option also indicates the types of tending social media posts that your target community found engaging. Our experts use these insights to suggest post options that work.
  • Post Details:- The role of the post details is to display the performance of a specific Facebook post. Apart from that, the video content displays many parameters like average watch time and the quantity of ten seconds views. We detect what works best and then make more of it to boost your brand’s image.

Factors affecting the cost of Facebook Ads:

The good news here is that the Facebook ads budget is not rigid. The budget depends upon your business requirements. Numerous factors affect the cost of Facebook Ads services. Here are the responsible factors elaborated on below.

  • Targeting the specific audience:- Targeting a specific community as compared to the broader target audience, thus decides your Facebook ad budget.
  • Duration of campaign:- The second aspect that determines your Facebook ad budget is the number of hours, weeks or days in which the campaign runs.
  • Competitiveness of your niche:- The current competition in your business niche is also a crucial factor in the cost of your campaign.

The output of the Facebook Ads services can be measured in terms of the return on investment. We track the RoI of your Facebook ad campaigns and provide timely reports so that you can observe the worth of your investment. By tracking the RoI, we also understand what works for your business and replicate that.

Why consult NineGrapes for Facebook Ads services?

NineGrapes is a Facebook advertising company imparting robust, innovative, high-quality and result-oriented Facebook ads services locally as well as nationally. Our holistic innovation-led approach and creative strategies yield extraordinary results for our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of Facebook ads?
The Facebook ads provide direct observation of consumer behaviour and enhanced lead generation. Facebook ads help brands increase potential buyers locally, nationally and globally within a short duration of time.
2. What is the ideal cost of Facebook ads?
This depends on the budget of our client. There is no such specific cost. Our cost-efficient packages strive to provide the maximum RoI.
3. What is the boosting of the post?
The boosting of posts results in the direct reach to the potential buyers of our client's services.
4. What is the advantage of the Facebook Ads manager?
Facebook Ads manager is a one-stop solution to manage Facebook and Instagram ads.
5. What do we take into consideration before using Facebook Ads?
We estimate a rough return on investment before investing the money in Facebook ads for our client's business.
6. What is the role of 'Facebook Ads management services'?
This one-stop solution provides all the key indicators of the Facebook campaign Ad's performance.